A new breed of Studio. Agile, Accessible, and Independent.

La G Productions is a new breed of creativity and boutique production. We specialize in video production, documentary, design, and editorials. We are inspired by design, style, music, digital media and cultural immersion.

La G Productions partner directly with forward thinking professionals to build companies, strengthen brands, engage audiences, and create emotions.

Visions are you Reality. A Think Tank for All that You Feel. Because after all, we do tell the most beautiful stories.

We deliver media experiences that connect brands to consumers. Drawing on our commercial production and publishing experience, we deliver a comprehensive range of branded video and content production services. La G Productions specializes in Film Production, Video Services, Documentary, Photography, and Sound. We deliver creative solutions for your media needs. Our collective of artists, designers, animators, and filmmakers is modern, progressive, and real.

We specialize in video production, media design, documentary, editorials, and web campaigns with full cultural immersion. Social diversity is our art.

We exist to tell the most beautiful stories. Don't break character.