Lebanon. We sleep on a 3 inch mattress on the floor. Girls live downstairs. Boys live upstairs... The water here is dirty. The streets are filled with metal scraps and litter. Burj el shemeli- Tyre is a forgotten town where refugees shift farther and farther from society and social rights. The people are run down. Their hands are run down. Everything is weathered. Stores are shacks, without real walls, ceilings, or floors. Cars are 20 - 30 years old. Mercedes of course- mechanically fixed by the youth of Lebanon. Kids run thru maze shaped streets and the narrowest allies at all hours of the day and night. They smoke young. And laughter fills the streets like a song in perfect harmony.

Shisha smoke fills the air. With sweetness, to mask the filth. 
Scooters hum, zipping thru the slivers of pavement. Sometimes, you turn sideways just to fit in the alley and walk.
Electrical lines hang low. Thousands. Twisted and knotted together. They start house fires. Too often. Tangled in Lebanon.

Street Art. Tyre.

Street Art. Tyre.

The Lebanese Israeli border is travesty. Hezbollah is present here. Prevalent. Worshiped. Iran. Their holy grail. Palestinians fill the refugee camps and are never to return to the motherland. Broken hearts whither away here. A Holding period and a holding place. Misplaced. As They wait and wait for their hearts to mend. But never can they return home so how can they ever mend?

The Mediterranean is a gift. The sea is warm. Crystal. Weathered. But Gentile. Much like the people here. Red flowers crawl up the sides of fallen buildings. Pink ones too. The southern most part of lebanon is mountainous. Peaceful. But bruised. Still reminiscent of war. 2006 was a hard year for Lebanon, like so many other years of Civil war. It shows.

I get scared sometimes. Guns Fire often. I get lonely here too. People from all over the world joined together and step forward. United together? I learn so much in a day, I can't remember it all. For all that it misses and for all it lacks. It falls nothing short of beautiful. Fills my mind with every question. And fills my heart with humble respect.